Freedom Fighters Playing Too Fast

Assalamualaikum. Still not too long ago when I'm surprised with slow moving Prince of Persia gameplay like a snail on my laptop, and now I even found Freedom Fighters with the too fast gameplay like The Flash.

Is my realy old laptop too superpower to play it? Yeah, it could be possible, because this game is made in the era of single core processor. So, how to fix it?

1. Activate VSync dan Use Highest Setting

First, open Freedom Fighters folder, and then edit Freedom.ini with notepad. Find DisableVSync parameter and change it with EnableVSync.

Next, run the games > option > graphic, and set all (except gamma) into the highest. 

2. Using Slow Motion Code

This is easy, just type ioislowmo when you start playing. Slow? Indeed, but playable. Better than too fast right? But I personally very uncomfortable with this way.

That's all guys. If both ways are not successful, then start considering to look for other games. Have a nice play!


Why I Blog?

My doodle art!
Assalamualaikum. Yesterday, when I was reading 365 Days of Writting Prompt, I saw an interesting question, "Why do you blog?" and "When you started your blog, did you set any goals? Have you achieved them? Have they changed at all?"

Actually, the main reason of why Im blogging is to share my hurt feeling. Because I don't have any friends to share in real life. I always be a person that left behind when going home after school. They're disgusted by my deseas. So I'm proudly quoting Peterpan's lyric and make it my blog tagline..

"Genggam tanganku ini dan rasakan yang ku derita.. (Hold my hand and you'll feel what I'm suffering..)" Peterpan - Di Balik Awan

I'm removing almost all post about my suffering when the blog changed the addresses, and evolved into Bryan Suryanto's Blog. The tagline was changed too. At that time I had chosen "Brand New Day" as new blog tagline. I make dandelion as background to describe the purpose of the new face of the blog.

Since then I just post inspiring, motivating, and possitive article. But everybody knows that saddnes can't be hidden. This blog change the tagline again to "Trying to expand my broken wing, to fly higher in the sky .." and then my blog filled again with suffering post.

But that's the time when my blog achieve the best moments. I began to feel found myself. I starting to know what I like, and found my love of blogging. Thank God, then my blog is flapping its wings and fly high, but still can't reach the sky.

Mid-2015 is the point where I'm stable. I changed the tagline (again) to "My Heart Draws a Dream!" and the change (insha Allah) will be the last one, because I've found my luck here. Since that time I made my blog as a friend to grab my biggest dream to be a writer and novelist.

And the next goal is running this English blog! Actually I'm not so confident about this one.  Because, translating articles just difficult for me, especially if I have to type it directly. But I'm still optimistic that my English blog will run.

Yeah, that's the story about why I blog. I'm sorry to readers if your time is wasted due to open this post. Its your own mistake, why do you open this article! *Slapped! * How about you readers? Why do you blog?